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Step 1: Choose your membership category

The Canadian Renewable Energy Association membership structure consists of two broad membership categories:

  1. Front-of-the-Meter (FTM); and,
  2. Behind-the-Meter (BTM).

While all Canadian Renewable Energy Association Members have an opportunity to participate in activities related to Canadian Renewable Energy Association's work both in Front-of-the-Meter and Behind-the-Meter, all companies are required to self-select into either the FTM or BTM membership category on the basis of the definitions provided below. Please select the category that represents the primary focus of your business. If you have any questions about making this selection, please contact

Front-of-the-Meter (FTM): Focused on providing products or services that are physically connected to an electricity distribution or transmission system, and are provided directly to grid operators (system operators/utilities) or indirectly to other off-site customers (e.g. load customers elsewhere on the grid). Examples include grid-connected solar or wind under various off-take arrangements (e.g. system operator contracted, bi-lateral contacts, virtual net metering, etc.); and grid-connected storage providing services to grid operators (e.g. non-wires solutions) or to wholesale market operators (e.g. energy, capacity and ancillary services). This can include multi-technology solutions in which one or more of wind and solar are combined with storage.

Behind-the-Meter (BTM): Focused on providing products or services directly to electricity consumers and/or products and services that are physically connected to a host consumers' electricity infrastructure (i.e. residing behind the customer's utility meter). Such products and services meet at least one of these criteria: located behind the host electricity customers' utility meter, provided directly to on-site electricity consumers, and/or physically connected to a host electricity consumers' infrastructure (such as buildings or land). Examples include load displacement generation or net metering, energy storage for the purpose of demand response or back-up power, and off-grid and microgrid applications.

Based on the above definitions, please indicate whether your company is predominantly focused on the FTM or BTM sector.

Step 1: Choose your membership category

Thank you for choosing your membership category within Canadian Renewable Energy Association. You will learn more about your opportunities to participate in both FTM and BTM activities within the organization when choosing your membership level.

The relative financial contribution of FTM and BTM members to Canadian Renewable Energy Association is important in determining the composition of the Canadian Renewable Energy Association Board of Directors (as outlined in the Canadian Renewable Energy Association By-laws) and informing the allocation of resources to support BTM and FTM activities within Canadian Renewable Energy Association.

As such, Canadian Renewable Energy Association members have the option of seeing their member-related fees to the organization identified as solely supporting activities in the membership categories self-selected above or identified as supporting both of Canadian Renewable Energy Association's FTM and BTM activities in a specific proportion.

Please indicate below the proportion of your member-related fees you would like to see identified as supporting either Canadian Renewable Energy Association's FTM or BTM activities. The information provided will be a key factor in calculating the relative contributions from the FTM and BTM members.

NOTE: The total must add up to 100%

Step 2: Choose your membership level

Please choose the membership that is right for you. Please refer to the Member Benefits Chart for additional information, when choosing your membership level, or contact for more information.

Based on the membership level you have chosen; you may have the opportunity to access additional Policy Development and Advocacy Caucuses and Committeess.

*all fees are in Canadian dollars

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Each prospective member of the Canadian Solar Industries Association is to read and signify his/her agreement to adhere to the CanSIA's Solar Business Code of Conduct and the Complaint Resolution and Disciplinary Process by selecting "I accept these terms" in your online application form.

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